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Tips Home Office and Electronics

Many people work from home at least one day per week. Working from home saves energy and time by cutting out the commute, but it may increase your home energy bills unless you use energy-saving office equipment.

ENERGY STAR-labeled office equipment is widely available. It can provide dramatic energy savings—as much as 75% savings for some products. Overall, ENERGY STAR-labeled office products use about half the electricity of standard equipment. Find ENERGY STAR products and standards.

Home Office Tips

  • Selecting energy-efficient office equipment and turning off machines when they are not in use can result in significant energy savings.
  • ENERGY STAR-labeled computers use 30%-65% less energy than computers without this designation, depending on usage.
  • Spending a large portion of time in low-power mode not only saves energy but helps equip-ment run cooler and last longer.
  • Putting your laptop AC adapter on a power strip that can be turned off (or will turn off automatically) can maximize savings; the transformer in the AC adapter draws power con-tinuously, even when the laptop is not plugged into the adapter.
  • Using the power management settings on computers and monitors can cause significant savings.
  • It is a common misperception that screen savers reduce a monitor’s energy use. Use automatic switching to sleep mode or simply turn it off.
  • Another misperception, carried over from the days of older mainframe computers, is that equipment lasts longer if it is never turned off.
Long-Term Savings Tip

Consider buying a laptop for your next computer upgrade; laptops use much less energy than desktop computers.

Home Electronics Tips

  • Look for energy-saving ENERGY STAR home electronics.
  • Unplug appliances, or use a power strip and use the switch on the power strip to cut all power to the appliance, to avoid “vampire” loads. Many appliances continue to draw a small amount of power when they are switched off. These vampire loads occur in most appliances that use electricity, such as DVD players, TVs, stereos, computers, and kitchen appliances. Unplug battery chargers when the batteries are fully charged or the chargers are not in use.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for products like cordless phones and digital cameras. Studies have shown they are more cost effective than disposable batteries. If you must use disposables, check with your trash removal company about safe disposal options.

Application Essays

Application Essays

This handout will allow you to change and jot down the personal statement essental to many people scholar packages, internships, and one of a kind educational software.

It is important to enjoy significantly more time, consideration, and energy into it than its frequently simple span would advocate,

Considering that the application essay could have a important result right after your grow all the way to an occupation. It needs to replicate the way in which found your certified aims, why the course is great for you, and whatever you give this software.scholarshipessay org Don’t make this a deadline challenge-now’s some time to jot down, rewrite and focus give to a visitor, revise repeatedly, additionally, on up until the essay isconcise and clear, and interesting. Also, do not be scared. You realize many of the what exactly you need to imply actually.

Explore the recommendations really carefully. On the list of primary plans for this application essay is always observe the information.

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Your Scientific tests Get Easier using the Guru Essay Writing Service

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9 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Protect yourself from identity thieves and other online retail scams

Most of us couldn’t do without the convenience of online shopping. Whether it means getting the best price on the latest video game or purchasing the perfect pair of shoes, online shopping gives us access to products, services, and special deals that might be unavailable to us otherwise.

However, online shopping has its risks. The popularity—and profitability—of online retail has resulted in unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of unwary shoppers. Their tactics may include:

  • Deception. In the virtual world, it can be hard to distinguish reputable retailers from criminals, as just about anyone can set up fraudulent a web site that appears to be a legitimate business.
  • Invasion. You may inadvertently download spyware on your computer that allows access to your personal information and passwords, and sophisticated hackers can breach online business databases to harvest customer payment information.

With risks that differ from walk-in stores, online shopping requires special precautions. To protect yourself and your information, read on for 9 steps to take before you plug in your credit card number and click “Buy.”

1. Use a good anti-malware program

This may sound obvious, but many people ignore the advice to install anti-malware software. It is critical that online shoppers secure their PC from viruses and other attacks.

To ensure that your security program’s protection stays current, keep its virus and malware signatures up-to-date. Fortunately, most programs can automatically update these signatures, so be sure the automatic updating feature is enabled in your software.

Further, because viruses can swiftly change and mutate, use a program designed to detect newly created or mutated threats even before their signature is part of the automatic updates. iolo’s System Shield® AntiVirus & AntiSpyware uses Sentient Technology, a heuristic feature that adapts to yet unclassified attacks based on behavioral analysis.

2. Optimize your PC’s security settings

In addition to maintaining and updating your antivirus and antispyware protection, make sure your PC’s security settings are optimized. Many malicious programs are explicitly designed to take advantage of security vulnerabilities in operating systems and web browsers. Two simple ways to protect yourself:

  • Keep your browser and operating system up-to-date: take the time to install those free updates and security patches when they’re released. Here too, you may want to enable your settings so that these updates are installed automatically.
  • Run System Mechanic’s Security Optimizer, which automatically finds and repairs vulnerabilities and loopholes that may exist in your operating system and web browser.

3. Share payment information only with known or reputable vendors

The single best thing you can to do protect yourself is to be careful about who you’re giving your payment details to. If you’re not entirely sure whether the retailer you’re visiting is reliable, do some research to verify its authenticity and security.

Or use a third-party payment processor instead of giving your payment information directly to the online store. Most accept payment from trusted third-party processors, such as PayPal or Google Checkout. This limits the risk of your payment details getting into the wrong hands, because it is ultimately handled by fewer online entities.

4. Use a credit card instead of a debit card

Credit cards can be the safer choice for online shopping—if someone manages to intercept your financial information online, they can do less damage and you have more recourse than if you’d used a debit card. This is for two reasons:

  • Credit cards have spending limits, while debit cards—which are directly linked to your bank account—do not.
  • You can dispute fraudulent charges made to a credit card without being out-of-pocket the amount in dispute, but money withdrawn directly from your checking account by a debit card is much more difficult to recover.

Consider using a credit card with a low credit limit specifically for your online purchases. And some banks now offer “one-time use” or “virtual” credit cards that are designed specifically for online shopping—these are good only for one transaction from a specific vendor.

5. Make sure the order checkout area is encrypted

Before you purchase anything from a web site, verify that the vendor has encrypted its payment form. Many sites use SSL (secure sockets layer) technology to encrypt information flowing between your computer and the store’s server; this is typically indicated with a padlock icon and a web site address that begins with “https:” instead of “http:”.

6. Print or save a copy of your orders

It’s always a good idea to keep documentation of your online purchases. Most retailers will send you an email or refer you to a web page with a confirmation of your purchase; this page should include a purchase receipt and a confirmation number. Print or save the confirmation and keep it until you receive your product.

7. Use strong passwords

Often, one of the most critical security steps is the one we give the least attention to—our passwords. Passwords can be the best security defenses we have, but if they’re not created properly, a hacker can easily guess them. For any online shopping accounts you have, be sure to create good passwords. Read tips on how to create passwords you can remember but others can’t guess.

8. Check your statements often

To ensure that no unknown or fraudulent charges have been posted to your accounts, check your statements every month. If you see a charge that looks out of the ordinary, report it to your credit card company or financial institution immediately.

9. Remember: If it looks too good to be true…

The old-fashioned shopper’s rule of thumb “buyer beware” still applies to online purchases. If you’re being offered a top-of-the-line item for an unbelievably rock-bottom price, it may really be too good to be true. Do additional research about the vendor before buying. At very least, check for a phone number and street or mailing address so that if there are any problems with your order, you have someone to contact.

How To Repair Short Circuit In Ethernet Broadband Router

Recently my company D-link Ethernet broadband router broke down and I can’t access the internet. The problem was no power but there was 5 volts output from the power adapter, so this proof that the router itself not working. As usual we as electronic repairer do not buy any new equipment unless we have inspected the equipment our self. If we found that the equipment is beyond repair such as lightning strike or no spare parts then only we give up and buy a new unit.


Upon opening up the cover I didn’t see any signs of lightning strike, burn components or even bulged capacitors. The main board looks perfectly okay. Now the next step that I took was to plug in the 5 volt supply voltage to the input jack and analyze why the LED’s do not lit. Surprisingly the moment 5 volts supply was plugged it in, the 5 volts immediately dropped to 0 volts. I thought it could be the regulation problem in the power adapter so I took out a 12 volt automobile light bulb from my toolbox and connect it to the output jack. The bulb lit and when checks with a digital meter it showed exactly 5 volts! This again proven that the power adapter is working perfectly fine.


My concentration now was in the main board because the power adapter was not the cause of no power in the router. Since the main board was pulling down the power supply voltage, I presumed that there must be something that have direct short between the supply line and ground. Using my analog meter set to X 1 ohm, I placed the red probe to ground and the black probe to the supply line and shifted the probes again, I could clearly noticed that the analog meter pointer both the reading points to very low ohm (zero ohms indicated short circuit).


Because of so many components that have connection with the supply lines, I really do not know as which one is the culprit. Shorted IC’s, capacitors, diodes, zener diodes, transistor and etc can cause the supply line to have direct connection with the ground. Do not worry as there is an easy way to isolate this type of problem. Remember the newsletter repair article mentioned about how to detect short circuit with the help of a regulated power supply? Yes, I’m going to use it to locate the cause of the short circuit too. First connect the negative from the regulated power supply to the main board ground and the positive to the supply line of the main board. Now slowly increase the voltage of the regulated power supply by turning the variable resistor. If there is a short circuit present, the ampere or current drawn would be great and you could see it from the regulated power supply LCD panel.




In my case, yes the current drawn is proportional to the voltage increment. The higher the voltage the higher the current drawn and it is abnormal. Even before the voltage reached 2 volts (suppose it should be tune to 5 volt), the current already increased to few amps! I stopped at 2 volts and begin to inspect the main board to see if there is any sign of warm components. If you could locate one then that is the shorted component that pulled down the 5 volt supply voltage.


Usually I would suspect IC’s first but all the IC’s looks cool only. Then I began to touch on other components. While my finger browsing the supply input area I found that the circuit board was extremely hot. The hot area only consists of electrolytic capacitor, a zener diode and few other components. I switched off the regulated power supply and checked one by one of the components in that area. Electrolytic capacitor checked to be good and the real caused of the problem was the zener diode. The zener diode had developed a short circuit. The marking of the zener diode was 5V6 which means 5.6 volt. After replaced the zener diode and checked with analog meter again, there were no more short circuits and the router’s power came back once the power adapter jack was plugged in.



In this article, the method that I have shown you above can be apply to any kind of electronic boards that have short circuit between the supply line and the ground. You just have to be creative in electronic troubleshooting and who knows one day you may end up of discovering some new methods in solving electronic problems fast, easy and eventually save your precious repair time.


Potential future Obstacles TO Medical Care Managing

Potential future Obstacles TO Medical Care Managing

The medical care method is without difficulty one of the most well known industries in almost any nation. This is a result of the cash flow government entities attracts from them and also the costs were required to managed the health related structure.Write My Essay Online for Cheap Order Paper Writing Help It is a critical aspect of market results enjoying one of several highest availablility of staff in the nation. The health point out of any united states proceeds a considerable way in showing its monetary standing. Medical care is largely interrelated with the development of city and social networking structures. Consequently, it can be exceptionally susceptible to each politics and sociable difficulties.

Attending Electronic Repair Courses Can Help You To Improve Your Repair Skill

Attending electronics repair course provided by your local electronic training institutions is a good move to increase your knowledge in electronics. We cannot limit ourselves in just attending a single subject such as basic electronic troubleshooting and repair.

There are many subjects about electronics especially nowadays where many engineering or technical college offers courses on PIC microcontroller. Robotics and household equipments such as air condition, washing machine, TV, monitor and testing equipments are using microcontroller.

You can take up courses like programmable logic controller (PLC), Industrial Automation Electronic, Microcomputer troubleshooting, electronic control systems, networking, computer repair, printer, laptop, monitor, appliance, motherboard, TV, cell phone and etc. You have the choice to attend full time or part time.

Nowadays there are many online home study courses too. These specialize courses duration usually are between 3-6 months. Competition is so great and you need more than one skill to face the challenge. I have a friend who is working in oversea told me that if you say you are good in electronic repair, 100,000 peoples are also good in this field so what makes the employers want to hire you as a technician or engineer. The answer is multitasking, that’s mean besides doing component level or circuit board repair work you have to be good in other area such as networking, computer programming and etc. You will be glad if you have attended those courses.
I once attended a seminar where the speaker mentioned about company resizing, company restructuring, and retrenchment, lay down workers, and reorganize company, in other words the speaker said you are fired! We have to fully equip ourselves and be ready to face whatever challenge that is coming on our way. I had some repair friends who never attend any electronic repair courses before and they are venturing into the repair business.

Although they can do the repair work, not all equipment can be repaired. This is due to their limitation in understanding electronic. Their jobs are mainly replacing components rather than doing voltage troubleshooting, using scope and etc. I always encourage them to take up at least a basic electronic course to further their knowledge and hope to bring in more income for them. I even encourage them to surf the internet to gain more electronic repair knowledge.


As for me, besides repairing monitors and conduct classes on electronic repair, I took up internet marketing as another field for me to venture in. Though my passion is in electronic repair, I begin to like internet marketing because it can generate a passive income for me. I can see the potential in it because you can market to the whole world and make money while you are sleeping.

Throughout the few years I had learned about building websites ( was built by me). Building website is not hard, as long as you must have the passion of doing it. I do not know about your passion, but additional knowledge whether in electronics repair or non-electronics is a great advantage for you and learning has no end. Who knows one day I might end up taking robotics designing and repair course.


I have read this quote from a bulletin and would like to share it with you.
Destiny is not a matter of chance,
it is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for;
it is a thing to be achieved.

A good quote from Benjamin Franklin “If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment of knowledge always pays the best interest”.


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A Private Essay Writing Service For College Students

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Get yourself a fast professional guidance with composing a study statement in the short term! Your learn scholastic paperwork are just a day or two far from you!

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