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Turning Your Electronic Repair Shop Into Authorize Service Center

If you already owned electronic repair shop and wish to expand your business to become an Authorized Service Center for certain companies, then you may have to consider some changes in your electronic repair shop. If you could secure a deal as one of the authorized service center, your company are sure to have plenty of work to do and a secure future.


Whatever new model of equipment that comes to your place for repair, you will be provided parts and schematic diagram too. You can take this opportunity to learn the new circuit or designed for the particular equipment. In other words, you are getting the most up-to-date information for the equipment you are contract with.


Once you got hold of the equipment repair secrets, you can then apply the knowledge on other type of equipment that comes across your repair bench. Just take this scenario for example, if you are the authorized service center for a company that deals with LCD Monitor, whatever knowledge you learn from the Monitor LCD repair can be apply to LCD TV repair. This will truly widen your knowledge and you are not bound for LCD monitor repair only.


Setting up your electronic repair shop to become an authorized service centre is not an easy task. Your electronic repair shops needs to meet the company or manufacturers’ criteria or requirement first before they can appoint your repair company as an Authorized Service Center.


They must set some guidelines because your company represents their image. If there is any part in your company that makes the customers not happy, their good image or brand name may be tarnished as well.


Below are some of the requirements that you must have in order to successfully secure the deal to become an authorized service provider.


  • Your company good track record – Manufacturers expect electronic repair shop to have a good track record in the trade and have been around for some time. If your company is very new then chances for you to get appointed would be very slim.


  • A Good Reception Area – A good reception area, clean and tidy workshop will reflect on them as well. First impression count a lot. Remember, your company represents their image also.
  • Easy Accessibility – If your place is near and easy to access, the manufacturers can deliver their products to you for repair. It saves them lots of cost and time too. However, not every manufacturer provides the transportation for you. If you are willing to take the first move and volunteer your company to collect those repair items from their place, you may get some credits from it.
  • Large Space – Your place must have enough space to store their product. You will need lots of built in racks to store the incoming and outgoing items. A light industrial area will be fine for them.
  • Tight Security – An alarm system is a must, doors and windows must be protected so they are difficult to force in. Any break in will cause you to lose the authorize service center dealer ship.



  • Adequate Tools and Test Equipment – The variety of electronic repair tools and test equipment available in your workshop will be taken into consideration. Multimeters, oscilloscope, high end testing equipment such as Huntron tracker, frequency counter, SMD rework station will add to your company credibility. The repair bench or workshop room should be of decent size and comes with bright lighting.

  • Enough Employees – More employees is required to cope up with the work of repair. Prolong or continuous delay of repair work will make the manufacturers to reconsider of changing to another electronic repair shop.

Operation of Authorized Service Center needs total dedication, speed and responsibility, but it will bring you to meet with lots of people, some of who can be quite influential. Whenever these people need to repair their equipment, they will think of your company first. After reading this article, who knows you may turn your electronic repair shop into a well established authorized service center in the future.


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Buying an Air Conditioner

If you are planning to buy an air conditioner, then you need to be aware of its technical aspects and the parameters that you need to consider. Buying one can be a simple task once you compare the variants on the basis of these points.

Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Once you are determined and ready with your home appliance budget, decide few things that are of utmost importance and can help you garner maximum benefit from the purchased commodity.

Dimensions Of the Room

One of the obvious factors that you must have already thought is the location of the air conditioner. Generally, it may be the bedroom, drawing room or the study room of your kids. Wherever you plan to install it, remember to carefully analyze the measurements of the room. Depending on the area, you can decide the variant that you wish to buy. For rooms with a smaller area, a small or medium size air conditioner would suffice, but if the room is too large then a smaller one won’t be able to provide the required cooling or it may take longer than usual to cool. For example, if the area to be cooled is nearly 250 to 300 square feet, then an air conditioner of capacity 7,000 btu per hour is needed. You can ask the dealer and even check the energy capacity on your own (mentioned in manuals/hand books). Here, don’t get a wrong assumption that bigger the conditioner, better will be its performance. An air conditioner of higher energy specification will consume more electrical energy and the components may wear off faster. But, keep it as a thumb rule to match the dimensions of the room. Besides this, also ponder over the points:

Number of windows that are in the room
Number of people staying in the room
Height of the ceiling
Other possible openings that you may have in the room, like ventilators

Decide the Exact Place for Installation
Now, you must have a rough idea of the room and the capacity. Start zeroing in on the spot, where you will install the air conditioner. Normally they are installed on windows of the rooms. Measure the exact size of the window. Choose a window that helps the air conditioner to face the side of your bed or close to your bed. If it is not possible to decide a perfect position, you can try changing the position of your beds, tables and make adjustments.

Power Supply Socket

You must be aware that an air conditioner will require an electrical unit that supports its working and can bear the electrical load of the huge alternating current that electrical systems like air conditioners draw. It’s imperative that the plug unit in your wall is capable of handling the operations. If not, then ask your local electrician to install a plug and socket unit that will work for higher voltage rating like 230 volt AC circuit.

Technical Specifications

Though it’s not at all needed to dive into the plethora of engineering aspects of the construction of the air conditioner, it is not a bad idea to be aware of some technical terms that you can check out, when you go for the buy. Check out the BTU rating. The BTU is nothing, but the British Thermal Unit for the measurement of the cooling capacity energy of the air conditioner. It is an internationally accepted unit of energy. When talked in the terminology of air conditioners, you can say that BTU measures the amount of heat it can remove from the room. The size, weight, and cost all the three increase with the increase in the BTU ratings. The usual BTU ratings are somewhere between 5000 to 24000 BTU. Always check the compatibility of the room size and the BTU rating, so that you will be able to get maximized performance from your purchase.

Another factor, that you may want to know is the EER rating. EER rating is the energy efficiency ratio, that is calculated by dividing the BTU value with the number of watts. The higher a EER value, better the air conditioner is. EER value generally ranges between 8 to 11.5 and if you live in a very hot place, then the value has to be above 10. However, higher the EER value, more expensive it is. Besides these, check out the thermostat, filters, fan and chassis, so that you can be sure that the air conditioner will work efficiently and provide you great service.

More Tips

There are few other factors that can help you in choosing your air conditioner. Weight is one such factor. Normally, they weight about 100 pounds, so take some help for installation. For the installation purpose, the companies help you with experts, so that your air conditioner can be properly installed. If you think you cannot do it yourself, then please take professional help.

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Communication Tips for Nurses When Electronic Health Records Enter the Exam Room

Three’s a crowd, so what can nurses do when they find a computer alongside their patients in the exam room? Are communication and patient care doomed to suffer when electronic health records (EHRs) replace paper charts? Not necessarily.
“For our inpatient nurses, using electronic medical records is a very new concept,” says Mary Jo Williams, RN, regional director of Kaiser Permanente Medical Group (Northern California) Nursing and Clinical Practice. Kaiser Permanente (KP), the nation’s largest nonprofit healthcare system, is in the midst of a massive, multiyear initiative to establish EHRs for all of its 8.5 million members.

So far, at least 70 percent of KP members have at least some of their records on the system; all members’ records will be fully on board by 2008. EHRs are winding their way through every part of the KP health system — all 32 hospitals and medical centers as well as more than 430 medical offices. To help orient nurses in the use of EHRs, KP is providing both extensive classroom instruction and on-the-job practice.

Practice Makes Perfect

With any new system, it’s important to become as proficient as possible before going live with patients. For example, users of EHRs that require typing could bone up on weak keyboarding skills. Since most EHRs require users to complete templates, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the format beforehand so you can focus on the patient, not the screen.

“But the biggest challenge for nurses is often not learning the new computer application, but rather its integration into their workflow,” says Judy Murphy, RN, a fellow in both the American College of Medical Informatics and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. At Milwaukee-based Aurora Health Care, Murphy led the EHR implementation, which involved bringing computers to patient rooms and nursing stations in all 14 Aurora hospitals.

Since many Aurora facilities rely on portable computers, nurses now wheel a computer around on a cart. They build their assignment sheet differently and have learned to chart differently, but their job of providing patient care remains unchanged, Murphy says.

Build Communication

How can nurses maintain patient-centered care while using EHRs? Follow these tips:

  • Begin by Establishing Rapport with the Patient: “Instead of walking right to the computer when entering an exam room, greet the patient and listen to their concerns,” suggests Sara Kooienga, FNP, assistant professor in the advanced nursing program at Oregon Health & Science University. Kooienga, who researched exam room communication and EHRs when she was with the Providence Health System, suggests it may help to review notes from the previous visit before you enter the room.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: Try never to turn your back on a patient. That’s easier when the computer is on a cart, on a properly angled counter or attached to an arm. Maintaining eye contact is especially important when discussing sensitive issues.
  • Get the Patient’s Approval: Before you start entering data, explain what you’re doing and ask for the patient’s permission, just as you would do before touching a patient for a physical exam, suggests Williams. Ask, “Do you mind if I enter some of this data while I’m talking with you?”
  • Explain Yourself: Don’t sit silently staring at the monitor, scrolling through screens or endlessly clicking. Tell your patients what you’re doing while you’re doing it, suggests Kooienga. Try to keep talking as you work.
  • Involve the Patient: Chart in the exam room if you can involve the patient in some way, says Williams. Otherwise, you might be better off jotting down notes while you’re with the patient and entering the data afterward.
  • Tap the Teaching Potential: EHRs can display patient data in a way that has great visual impact, such as charts and graphs that show trends in blood pressure for heart patients or insulin levels for diabetics.