Writing A Good Lab Report


This document incorporates guidelines for writing a lab report in scientific format. It had been produced and edited through the biology faculty at Union University. A instance of scientific writing is additionally incorporated on the finish of this chapter. The results of Jumpamine…… though not a genuine paper, it is actually written with appropriate format.

GENERAL Remarks:

Except if otherwise informed by your instructor, lab reports are to become a person work. You could possibly go over the lab as well as information, but really don’t appear at any individual else report rough draft or ultimate model. You shouldn’t even outline the report with each other. A great many college students have obtained a extreme penalty for plagiarizing lab reports from their lab companion or from somebody else. You must imagine your lab report being a Research Report. It should really be written as though you have been planning to submit it to a scientific journal for publication. Thus, it need to observe an exceptionally exact format and really should be written for a basic audience, Not only your instructor. Laboratory reports should really be double spaced on eleven x eight 1/2 white paper or graph paper the place ideal working with only one side in the webpage. Typing is needed except for tabular information and challenging formulae and equations which could be neatly hand-lettered in ink. Submit the report on its due date; excuses this kind of “the personal pc was down” aren’t acceptable. Though there are several small variations inside the format of scientific reports, just about all of them conform towards the essential rules set out under, and you also need to adhere to this format for all your lab reports.


Your report may want to adhere to comparable pointers which have been utilized by scientific journals. Therefore it’s going to consist of the next sections:

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References

Beneficial Examples: See sample paper fictitious: “The results of jumpamine chloride….” Negative examples: What To not do

WRITING Fashion:

  • Your reports will undoubtedly be go through critically, not simply for scientific articles and logic, but in addition for your capability to express oneself within this sort of writing Writing A Lab Report – writingalab.report/chemistry chemistry lab report. The text need to be organized into logical paragraphs and sentences. Every single paragraph should really get started which has a subject sentence which introduces the knowledge in that paragraph.
  • Be certain to proof-read. Due to the fact most word processors have spell checkers, there isn’t any excuse for mis-spelled phrases.
  • When you might be writing about procedures and success, be sure you use previous tense since you have finished the experiments from the time you start writing.
  • It is usually desirable to implement we and I in the research paper. On the other hand, some journals favor passive voice.
  • Scientific writing need to be clear and concise. Really don’t use 5 phrases when two will do. Operate on clarity and organization in the presentation.EXAMPLES:
    • Too lengthy: “The result of weight problems on heart charge was the function of your experiment”
      • Better: “We investigated the result of weight problems on heart rate”.
    • Bad: “We obtained an aquarium after which we place the fish in it.”
      • Better: “All experiments had been carried out in the ten gallon aquarium.” That is contains alot more info and leaves out the trivial detail ‘we obtained a…’.
  • Scientific binomials genus and species names are Greek or Latin, and therefore are consequently underlined or italicized.


On this webpage give the title in the report, your identify, the date, the day of the lab part e.g. Tuesday, Wednesday, as well as title of the lab spouse should you have 1. Your title need to be incredibly informative. It might even be a sentence that summarizes probably the most really important consequence. Your title may be the only text very likely for being go through by a substantial quantity of scientists.

NTRODUCTION This segment is as brief like a couple of paragraphs or provided that a number of pages. It serves to introduce your experiment. Start out with common statements and end up alot more precise.

The 1st component from the introduction should certainly set the context for your experiment by briefly offering background tips. You ought to current what info is recognized from past research, then state what added information and facts your experiment will probably provide you with. Make sure you give appropriate citations once you state information or concepts from outdoors sources.

EXAMPLE: The larch is surely an evergreen that loses its leaves inside the fall Jones, 1921. See other examples of citations in “The results of jumpamine chloride….”.

During the 2nd aspect in the introduction it is advisable to describe the exact queries you chose to research. State everything you did inside a common way, eg., “We investigated the result of obsesity on heart price by evaluating heart costs of unwanted fat an thin men and women just after they climbed stairs”, but usually do not give away the particular information of one’s Ways or Effects. Particularly state your hypothesis in the finish of your Introduction. Even so, not all scientific scientific studies, have a hypothesis; the scientist just needs to get additional important information . You will need to choose if a hypothesis is suitable for your research.



The experiment has been finished through the time you write your report, so use previous tense. This area involves a brief outine of your systems employed within the experiments For any facts which have been contained in other literature eg., your lab manual, you might refer the reader on the options described there by employing a adequate citation; you never really need to reiterate these specifics with your report. In spite of this, if the laboratory procedures have been changed, describe these on this segment. The objective of this segment is to allow other experimenters to duplicate the ways you utilized, so it needs to be detailed enough so that somebody else could read through your report and repeat the experiment. Then again, you shouldn’t include trivial specifics this kind of as “we put to use test tubes that had been 10cm lengthy,” or “the test fish had been kept within a beaker before the experiment began.” It truly is essential to quantify your treatments whenever possible; for illustration, how a great many milligrams of caffeine did every person injest, or how extended did you wait between administering salt and measuring blood pressure?


The effects part always starts with normal paragraph text format, NOT with tables or figures. You MUST 1st direct the reader’s attention to Every single table and figure before they appear, indicate what they show, and summarize the valuable information in each and every.

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